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Use the blur tool to enrich focus and add style. Adding blur to a photo can bring focus, amplify motion, and add other artistic elements to your photos. A blurred background or a radial blur in an image can imitate the high-focus look of a shallow depth of field. You can also add a linear blur to mimic tilt-shift photography or even use motion blur to add movement to a static object You can use the blur tool to highlight an object in a photo by blurring the other objects in the photo. This tool is also used when touching up skin in photos. It helps smooth out the edges and blemishes without coloring them in. It's a more natural approach. For more about skin touch-ups read Airbrush in Photoshop. The blur tool icon looks like a rain drop If you don't have it yet, you can get Photoshop from Adobe's site here. Without further ado, let's learn how to blur edges in Photoshop! Blur Edges Using Photoshop Feather Selection. First, open your image Photoshop by dragging the image file to the Photoshop app icon. You can also choose to open Photoshop first, then select Open from the.

How to blur the background of a photo in Photoshop tutorial This is a very real and natural looking effect. While there are many tutorials on blurring the background of a photo, most of them either cut off the feet, or have a weird looking halo around the edges The Blur tool is useful for creating subtle effects that can help merge layers or create a simulated blur for photographs. 1. To access the Blur tool, simply click on the icon that looks like a. Using the blur tool here and there to soften an image, with Photoshop CS6, can save an image with a few defects. Blurring can also be used for artistic effect — say, to add a little motion to a soccer ball frozen in time by a too-fast shutter speed. You can also blur portions of your image to emphasize and focus on a particular element

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To apply blur on whole image just move with amount of blur range picker. To apply blur on specific part of photo click click on edge points where you want to apply blur. After choosing a edge path choose amount of blur on bottom left (with amount of blur range picker). You should be able to see blurred image preview in your editor Gaussian Blur is a filter in Photoshop that uses a Gaussian function to blur an image. According to Wikipedia , it was named after mathematician and scientist Carl Friedrich Gauss. It is an effect frequently used in editing software, typically for the reduction of noise and detail The blur brush tool can be used to soften an image in specific areas or to obscure details in an image. Blurring around a subject in an image can also be used to focus the viewer on that particular subject. Blur can also be used to achieve a shallow depth of field effect in images. Upload an image from you computer to use the blur tool

The blur tool does this beautifully, but only up until a point. Then it just stops blurring the image. This is because, at maximum strength, each sample of the blur tool creates a Gaussian blur of only about 0.5 pixels. It works well enough for photo editing, but not for digital painting Field Blur is one of the five blur filters in the Blur Gallery available in Photoshop CC and later, but was first introduced as one of three filters in Photoshop CS6. How to Use Photoshop's Replace Color Tool November 29, 2020 Hi-key fun January 27, 2016 Puppet Master January 13, 2016 Car details January 6, 2016. Download Photoshop Free if you still didn't install it. 1. Define the Area for Feathering. Tools Panel > Marquee Menu > Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) To begin feathering in Photoshop, find the Elliptical Marquee Tool on the toolbox on the left and draw the desired shape. I traced a vertical oval surrounding the couple in the picture There are a number of of other ways to add blur in Photoshop, but the field blur tool is a great place to start. It offers flexible, realistic effects without requiring complex masks and depth maps

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Blur Tool: The best Photoshop tool to obtain a blurred background is the blur tool. The blur tool in Photoshop looks like a raindrop and can be found on the toolbar. Here are the steps to using the blur tool: Open the toolbar, click on the blur tool and select the brush size and stroke from the top of the screen Blur background in Photoshop with this quick and easy action. Make your own blurred background images with 1-click!. Blur Background [Photoshop Action & Online Tool] The blurred background is one of the most beautiful photo effects that is extensively used in photography, photo manipulation and graphic design.. If you want to blur background easily you can use our free blur background. I sometimes work with Zbrush and the blur tool while painting in that program has 10 to 50 times the strength that the Photoshop tool has. THAT is how it should be. Users shouldn't have to make a selection on the section of the picture that they want to blur on, add a feather on the selection and then use the Gausian Blur filter The Blur tool in Photoshop Elements can repair an image, or you can use it for more creative tasks. Adding a little blur here and there can save an image with a few defects. Blurring can also be used for artistic effect — say, to add a little motion to a soccer ball frozen in time by a too-fast shutter speed

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  1. The Gaussian blur filter can add a smoothing effect to an image, blurring out overly sharp edges and, if the blur is set to a high enough level, turning a photograph into a glowing, dreamy composition. It can also be used to mimic the shallow depth-of-field seen on portrait photographs taken with a wide aperture
  2. This filter tool is also ideal to use when placing text above a picture. The blur filter makes the text look clean and crisp. How Should I Use the Photoshop Effect? The Gaussian blur will draw the eye to the area of the photo that is not smudged. The human eye just does this, so the tool is useful if you are taking pictures to sell a product.
  3. Beginning with Photoshop 21.0 (November 2019 release), Lens Blur leverages your computer's graphics card to produce faster performance while applying the Lens Blur filters. In Photoshop 21.1 (February 2020 release), the Lens Blur algorithm has been further enhanced to achieve blurrier edges for foreground objects, brighter bokehs, and more realistic specular highlights
  4. To blur certain parts of images in Photoshop, first click the 'Lasso' tool in the left toolbar in Photoshop. Use the 'Lasso' tool to go around an object, in this case the scooter. Simply use your mouse to surround the object. After doing this, click CTRL+J to copy the new layer (or right-click the surrounded object and select 'Layer.
  5. The Blur tools work by removing the contrast that separates adjacent pixels on a new layer. The Smudge tool works by moving the pixels; it literally pushes pixels around the new layer. How Do You Use the Blur Tool? The blur steps are always the same. But, you can add a few in as you make your changes in each layer
  6. You can also use selection tools to blur out any parts of an image you want. This can help to highlight the subject of your piece as well as to make it more cohesive overall. Open the image in Photoshop that you wish to do some background blurring on. Then, use the Quick Select tool to make a selection around the subject(s) you want to keep visible

To start us off today I would like to quickly explain the Blur, Sharpen and Smudge tools. The Blur Tool makes images obscure and softens an image making it look out of focus with a blur effect. The Sharpen Tool goes the other way and makes an image clearer, it sharpens around the edges of an image.Then we have the Smudge Tool which doesn't blur or sharpen, instead what this tool does is. Photoshop > Blur tool not working on layer; Blur tool not working on layer anital16036522. Apr 13, 2020. Copy link to clipboard. Copied. The blur tool never seemed to be working. I didn't change anything from the default and also made sure that I am on the layer of the object that I want to blur. But when I select the blur tool, nothing seems.

259 Best Blur Free Brush Downloads from the Brusheezy community. Blur Free Brushes licensed under creative commons, open source, and more The blur tool has never given me a big blur either. Copy your layer that you want the blur on. Use the Gausian or filter of your choice. Blur it until the desired part is blurred enough and maybe a little more. Say OK. Put a mask on that layer and invert it so it is black and it hides the blur. Now you can use a paint brush, hard or soft, your choice Introduction to Smudge Tool. Smudge Tool is used in Photoshop to create messy smeared effect using ink or with our fingers, for making effects that brings a liquefied flow, to help remove unwanted elements or scratches on old photos, smudge tool works by blending similarly to how we mix colors while painting on a canvas creating a lot of variation into the design work which is very useful for.

Go to the top of your screen and select Filter->Blur Types of Blur. There are 9 different styles of blur on Photoshop. Let's go over them so you can choose the perfect one for you. Average. This blur tool allows you to take the average color inside your selected area and blur it. It creates smooth transitions. Blur or Blur Mor Each blur tool provides intuitive on-image controls to apply and control the blur effect. With the blur adjustments complete, use the Bokeh controls to style the overall blur effect. Photoshop provides a full-size, live preview when you work with the Blur Gallery effects. Choose Filter > Blur Gallery and then select the desired effect In Photoshop yes you can use the Filter>Blur>Lens Blur; but not in Lightroom 3 or LR4 beta currently. The brush 'clarity' tool isn't capable of producing any soft focus or bokeh effect today. The Post-crop Vignette tool also is not capable of doing it with any type of blur

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to easily create the shallow depth of field effect (out of focus background) without an expensive lens. You will learn about selections, Layer Masks, Smart Objects, and the Tilt-Shift Blur to blur your photo's background The tools nested under the Blur tool (Blur/sharpen/smudge) are the only set of tools in the tools panel without a keyboard shortcut. You can however assign a shortcut to them by pressing Ctrl Alt Shift K (Mac: Command Opt Shift K) to open the Keyboard Shortcut editor. Choose Tools under the Shortcuts for drop-down and scroll-down to those tools and assign a letter to them

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For a circular blur, select the Elliptical Marquee tool. For a rectangular blur, select the Rectangular Marquee tool. In this example, I want to create a circular blur around my subject, so I'll choose the Elliptical Marquee. In the tool settings bar at the top of your screen, set a feather radius to dictate the blur. If you aren't familiar. Whether you want to create a motion blur effect or simply blur part of the image to create a shallow-depth-of-field look. When Photoshop CS6 was released Adobe added three new filters: Field Blur, Iris Blur, and Tilt-Shift. This brought the tally up to 14 different types of Blur effects in Photoshop. These new blur features were impressive Hello, I was in the Field Blur tool and was messing around but wanted to cancel and instead of the cancel button at the contextual menu at the top I accidentally closed the tool window/palette whatever. So now when I go into any of the blur gallery options I no longer get the extra tool settings. I.. How to Use the Blur, Sharpen, and Smudge tool Adobe Photoshop CS5 Subject Descriptors: Blur Tool, Smudge Tool, Sharpen Tool, Blur, Smudge, Sharpen. You will know that the blur tool is selected because it will show the blur tool image in the main toolbox or there will be a little square black box next to the tool That really takes away the sense of speed in your action photos. Luckily, it's super easy to create a motion blur in Photoshop. The motion blur Photoshop filter allows you to add blur in only one direction. So, for the best result, we'll combine two different kinds of blur available in Photoshop. Step 1: Copy the Subjec

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  1. We have to tell Photoshop which pixels are closer to focus and which are far away. It is done so by creating a depth map. We do the actual blurring using the Lens Blur tool. Remember that the lens blur is directly applied to the selected layer. Once done, it cannot be modified, making it a destructive form of applying a blur
  2. Let's get started! Download this tutorial as a print-ready PDF! How To Smooth Skin In Photoshop. I'm using Photoshop CC but this tutorial is fully compatible with Photoshop CS6 and earlier.. Step 1: Make A Copy Of The Image. With the image newly-opened in Photoshop, the Layers panel shows the photo on the Background layer.Before smoothing the skin, start by removing any unwanted blemishes
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  4. How to Use the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop . Open an image in Photoshop. To use the Clone Stamp tool, click and hold the rubber stamp icon in the toolbox and select Clone Stamp Tool in the flyout menu. You can adjust the brush size and shape, opacity, flow, and blending modes in the tool options bar at the top of the workspace
  5. Either using a layer mask or simply using the eraser tool, remove the blur effect from a portion of the image. This is the final version: Here is a video I made that shows all the steps I took to make the final image using Photoshop Elements
  6. Using Photoshop CS6 to create selective softening effects using the new on-screen Blur Filters. Mix and match among the three filters for a variety of depth-of-field and tilt-shift effects. Step One: Open Choice Image Open choice image from the File > Open menu command. Note the Blur Filter effects do not operate as Smart Filters so to ensure the integrity of the original image Layer use.
  7. Use Path blur in Photoshop CC to add a custom motion blur to an object in a photo without any selections. This adds a lot of excitement and drama to a photograph. This tutorial shows how to fake a slow shutter speed photo of movement in photoshop

The blur tool can be used to apply localized blurring to a photo, soften portions of an image, or smooth over-sharp edges in an image or alpha channel mask. The blur tool options are shown below in Figure 1. The Sample All Layers option is useful if you wish to carry out work with the blur tool on a new empty layer, sampling the pixels from all. Step 4: The blur feature on Photoshop. To access the blur features on Photoshop, scroll to the topmost part of your Photoshop screen, at the Menu toolbar, and click Filter. A drop-down box appears. On it, scroll downwards and select Blur. Once you choose that, another drop-down box with a list of different types of Blur appears Adobe Photoshop is a fantastic tool used when creating, editing, or designing images. However, with its incredibly versatile range of features - finding the simplest tasks can seem daunting. Because Photoshop is so complex, we'll move on to a few different methods on how to blur the background in Photoshop Photoshop Blur filters are designed primarily for retouching images—to soften, haze, cloud, fuzz, or distort specific areas of a picture or the entire image. (using the lasso or the pen tool.

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Other Photoshop Blur Options. Another cool effect you could add to make an object or a person look like it's moving very fast is the Zoom Blur. Open the file Man and make a duplicate of the background. Choose Filter > Blur > Radial Blur and select Zoom option 2,510 Best Photoshop Free Brush Downloads from the Brusheezy community. Photoshop Free Brushes licensed under creative commons, open source, and more

Blur background in Photoshop. Blur background in Lightroom. Blur background online. How to Blur Background in Photoshop. As you know, Photoshop is the world's popular photo editing software. It can blur background of a photo, unblur photo, add text to photo, pixelate image, and so on. Now, let's see how to blur background in Photoshop. Step 1 If you want to blur a face in Photoshop, here is an easy way to do it. You can also use this method to blur text, logos, backgrounds, and anything else you want to blur. First, use the selection tools to select the area you want to blur The Burn tool makes permanent changes to your Images by darkening the pixels in Photoshop. Burn can be used to create deep shadows. How to Use the Blur Tool in Photoshop . How to Use the Dodge Tool in Photoshop . How to Use the Gradient Tool in Photoshop . The Beginner's Guide to Photoshop . Reviews Write a Review Photoshop Blur Tool (or how to use smooth edges in Photoshop like a pro) At the advanced level, the Photoshop blur tool is the best method to create a smooth transition in terms of lighting and to accurately merge two images. So how can you make Photoshop blur edges properly? 1

The angle of the Blur ; The distance of the Blur; To take the measurement, I am going to use the Ruler tool. Don't be nervous. It's an easy step. Pick the Ruler form here. Now, allow me to start with the angle of the blurriness. It looks like that the object has moved left to the upper right. So, let's create a line in that direction The Blur Tool shares the same location as the Smudge Tool in the Toolbox within Photoshop Elements. Contrary to that, the Sharpen Tool increases edge clarity and detail visibility in an image. To blur or sharpen images in Photoshop Elements, select the tool to use from the Toolbox and Tool Options Bar Select the History Brush tool. Set the Blending Mode to Normal in the brush options. Step Six. Paint the areas to blur with the History Brush. Use a soft edged brush and vary the opacity and size if desired. Optional Blur Filters. Lens Blur, Surface Blur and Smart Blur also work quite well with this method This tutorial looks at using gaussian blur in Photoshop to improve your photographs and create a finished image to be proud of! In my last tutorial, I talked about 2 specific tools used in making selections - the Magic Wand tool and the Lasso tool.Now let's talk about the finishing touches

Click the Brush tool in the toolbar, then select a brush size that is large enough to efficiently draw over the foreground object that you do not want to blur. In the image below, I am drawing over the middle penguin, because I want him to be the part of my image that is not blurred. To do some more precise work with the brush tool, I recommend decreasing the size of the brush, then zooming in. How to Mask Hair and Blur or Change Backgrounds in Photoshop. In it, I'll show you how to mask hair and blur or change backgrounds in Photoshop using an amazingly easy tool! (In this tutorial, I'm using Photoshop Creative Cloud. CS6/Elements users, see below for a workaround option! Step 1: Open the image file that contains the sides that you want to blur in Photoshop CS5. Step 2: Click the Rectangular Marquee Tool in the toolbox at the left side of the window. Step 3: Draw a box around the center of the image that you do NOT want to blur. In the image below, for example, I do not want to blur the penguins.. Introducing the new Photoshop Express free online photo editor. Perfect your photos in just a few clicks with the tool that brings Photoshop tools to you online for free. Check out a few of the easy transformations you can make. Adjust size and aspect ratio, rotate and flip your photo, and. How to Blur a Gradient in Photoshop Adobe's flagship editing software, Photoshop, offers impressive tools for blurring and fading images. In some cases, you may want to apply a natural blur effect to a certain section of your photo, with the blur growing in intensity as it gets closer to the subject

In Normal mode, Photoshop won't blend colors at all. When using the Brush tool, the blend color will completely cover the base color. When the Edit tool is used, the edit value overrides the existing color. You probably won't be using this for your blend, but it's good to understand how the default blend mode works Right-click the layer with blur and select Duplicate. Select the Paint Brush tool, and then set the color to white. Fill the Layer Mask with white again by painting over the photo, and keep going until the entire thumbnail is white and the blur is visible again. Double-click on the Radial Blur Smart Filter and change the direction of the blur One of the favorites is the Gaussian blur in Photoshop, which is named for the mathematician who developed the blurring formula. This Photoshop tool will blur an entire image, or you can use it for specific locations. The other choices are more specific. You can use the iris blur to feature a focal point in the image. There is also a motion blur that adds the look of movement in the photo Select the blur tool and use directly on either the image or on other layers Best results happen when the size of the brush is increased to 100px, as you'll cover more area per stroke. Flatten the image when finished to create a smooth transitio

There are few types of blur in photoshop, while holding you left mouse button on blur icon few options should appear. We will select Smudge tool. Now, we have selected the right tool, but we need to customize it a bit. By clicking on arrow icon on upper menu on screen you can select hardness and size of your blur brush The Blur Tool How to Make a Blurred Background in Your Picture With Photoshop CS5. Begin by opening the image for which you want to learn how to blur out the background. You can either launch Photoshop CS5 and use the Open command on the File menu, or you can right-click the file,.

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We all know Photoshop is a powerful tool. In two tutorials, I'll take you through how to use Photoshop CS3's Lens Blur filter to do two things: today, we'll make images look like they were shot. To use the Blur Tool select it and paint directly over the area you want to blur. Just make sure the layer you want to affect is selected. It must also be a Pixel layer type - you can identify the type of layer looking at the label between parenthesis after the layer's name in the Layers panel Adding the Lens Blur. Before adding the blur, make sure you have duplicated your Background layer. Then, select Filter>Blur>Lens Blur in your top tool bar. The Lens Blur dialogue will appear: Play around with different values of blur to see how the sliders affect the image

It blurs the object but not in the same way like photoshop blur tool. I need to blur the ends of the pixels of the objects smoothly and to blur them with soft brush so the edjes to fade. But the effect tool blurs only in the object shape. I have no mask/selection wich can stop the blur outside the object Step 3: Apply Motion Blur in Photoshop. Go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur. The angle depends on the motion on the subject. It is horizontal in my case so I am putting the angle as 0. I am keeping the distance as 110 pixels because it suits me the best. You can change as per your preference. Press OK You can blur an image in Photoshop by: Selecting the Blur tool. Choosing a brush tip. Picking options for blending and strength. Selecting Sample All Layers, or deselecting this option to blur only the active layer. Dragging the brush tip over the area of the image that you want to blur. You have 14 types of blur in Photoshop from which to choose Make it happen in Photoshop using a blur filter and a painted mask. Grab the Brush tool and select a soft-edged brush from the preset picker. Set Size to 500 pixels and Opacity to 100%. Set the foreground colour to white (press X). Paint over the background to reveal the blurring beneath. 06. Fine tune the mas The Lens Blur filter in Photoshop attempts to replicate this type of blurring. What formerly required the use of multiple channels, gradients, and editing steps can now be accomplished with a single filter. All of this number crunching does have a price, however: The filter may process slowly on a large image. To apply the Lens Blur filte

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  1. Blur More: The same results as the Blur filter, only increased by four times the effect. The changes are subtle on both Blur and Blur More, so you may have to Blur More repeatedly to achieve the desired result. JD Sartain / IDG. 02 Use the Photoshop Blur & Blur More filters to soften edges and smooth over image defects
  2. ute limitations, and bringing objects into severe contrast
  3. With our fill layer selected, choose Blur from the Filter menu, then select Lens Blur. We want to choose a Radius that matches the blurriness of the soft edge in the background
  4. The blur effect is the best to highlight and focus your images by blurring their backgrounds. Fotor's photo blur tool can help you achieve this effect in just a few clicks! You can choose the NORMAL mode to blur circularly or linearly, or use the BRUSH mode to brush any parts you want to blur
  5. In this video we can discuss about How to use Blur tool & Sharpen Tool in Photoshop. Blur Tool:-The blur tool blurs hard edges in an image. Sharpen Tool:-The sharpen tool sharpens soft edges in an image. In this Tools apply the Color Shapes & Images

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The blur tool is for blurring images. To use the blur tool select it in the toolbox. Then click and drag over your image where you want to blur it. You can change the strength of the blur tool (how much it blurs) by changing the strength percentage in the tool options along the top Did you know that Photoshop has a tool for repairing motion blur? Here is a great technique that can salvage a blurry photo and turn it into a sharp image. Two things primarily cause motion blur In Adobe Photoshop, you will find a wide range of features that enable the user to perform various operations such as remove blur from a photo, remove the background, add filters, and much more. Photoshop remove blur feature is highly advanced that use its artificial intelligence to identify the correct objects and colors

Use the Blur Tool to soften the edges of your in-focus foreground. This should be on the same toolbar as the Lasso Tool. Set the blur tool's strength to somewhere around 33%. Set your brush size to a comfortable level such as a radius of 5 to 15 pixels. If you don't see a brush size option, select Brushes from the Window menu in Photoshop The next best way to blur backgrounds is with the use of Photoshop. As with most things in Photoshop, there's usually more than one way to do something. Blurring the background is no exception. Use the wrong tools and it may look unnatural. The key to a natural-looking blur is knowing what tools to use to get the job done right and quickly

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Photoshop includes several built-in presets, which are premade brushes ready to use. 2. The Basics Brush Tip. This is the most basic option for the Paint Tool in Photoshop. The Brush Tip settings allow you to modify the way to add colors on a Photoshop document using the Brush Tool How to Create a Photoshop Action to Blur the Background in a Photograph Step 1. Open your photo (I used this one). Use any selection tool to select the part of the image that is supposed to stay sharp. Here I used the Magnetic Lasso Tool with Refine Edge option (Select > Refine Edge). It's really important to make a precise selection for this. It also has the healing tool, the clone tool, and most other tools you'd find in Photoshop. It also has support for layers with blending modes and a lot more. However, the app isn't cheap and you'll have to pay a one-time price of $49.99 to get it. Pros: Powerful Photoshop substitute. Pen tool, healing tool, clone tool and more The Blur Gallery filters in Adobe Photoshop have an extraordinary amount to offer in the way of enhancing the look of a photo. Just a few days ago, I wrote a post that discussed the Iris Blur and a while before that, I wrote one that talked about creative blurs in general. Both were really good posts, but if I had to choose one for you to read to preface this one, I'd say it should. In this Photoshop tutorial, we'll be focusing on the Brush tool. Photoshop brushes are responsive and easier than ever to control, thanks the CC 2017 update, which introduced smoothing effects. They're located in folders too, and you can load your own custom brushes for specific, unique effects. In this article, we'll explain how to use Photoshop's Brush tool, including guides to what.

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  1. The best way to blur a background is to set your camera controls and your subject location as you are taking photos. Using a wide aperture setting, a lower f-stop number will help you blur the background in your photos. The wider the aperture you choose, the shallower the depth of field is
  2. This tool blurs images. It supports custom blur regions so you can specify which area to blur. At the moment it only supports blurring a rectangular area. You can also adjust how much blur to apply to the region and also specify region coordinates in the options above
  3. The best tools for cleaning up a layer mask are the Brush, Blur, and Smudge tools. To connect two points with a straight line, click at one point and Shift-click at another. You can copy part of an alpha channel and paste it into a layer mask using the Rectangular Marquee tool, which gives you a nice, sharp edge

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  1. Apply blur effect in image online, Simple online tool to make blur effect in images in simple steps, Drop image in tool, set blur value using slider and click blur image button to process image. Tool supports jpg, png, webp, ico, bmp and gif image formats, Instant preview of blurred image is displayed in tool along with download butto
  2. The blur tool will blur the area where you paint, the sharpen tool will sharpen it, and the smudge tool will smudge the area all around the canvas. Photoshop filters that can blur, sharpen.
  3. Imagine what you can create with Photoshop apps across desktop, mobile, and tablet. Start a project in one location and finish in another with ease
  4. What does the blur tool in Photoshop look like? The Blur Tool is used to paint a blur effect. Each stroke made using the Blur Tool will lower the contrast between affected pixels, making them appear blurred. A soft blur brush will alter pixels at varying strengths, stronger in the center turning weaker towards the edges
  5. Change to the gradient tool by pressing G. Draw along the axis you want the blur to follow, covering the length of the object. Exit quick mask by pressing Q again. Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and use a small radius (0.5px etc). Press command-F quite a few times to reapply the small blur. Stop when you're happy. If you're not happy, try.
  6. In Photoshop, or to create a zoom effect from scratch in Elements, choose Filter > Blur > Radial Blur. In the resulting dialog box, set the amount to 35, the Blur Method to Zoom, and Quality to Best
  7. A blur setting of 0 prevents any blur from taking place, protecting or masking out that area of the image. Place two pins on a single image and Photoshop creates a linear gradient that makes a smooth transition between the effects of each pin

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Otherwise, once Photoshop is installed on your machine, follow these steps to introduce a simple background blur to your image. Step 1: Open the photo you wish to alter in Photoshop ( File > Open) Drag the photo in the Photoshop bar from where the photo is located to open the photo in automatic mode. In both the ways the photo will be imported in Photoshop. Select Gaussian Blur. There are some magical tools in Photoshop which actually work magically. Gaussian Blur Tool is one of them. We are going to select Gaussian Blur The lens blur tool can be used to camouflage sharpness in a photo. The trick is to apply it realistically. Use the new Focus Area tool in Photoshop CC to first select what's sharp, then inverse the selection, and finally defocus the background using Lens Blur. STEP 1: Access the Focus Area filter. Go to Select>Focus Area. The dialog box appears We promised you a continuous stream of new features in the iPad version of Photoshop and today we release a fresh batch. This is a major release for Photoshop on the iPad. With the addition of the Object Selection tool, selections on the iPad takes a huge leap forward beyond anything available in any other apps on the device before today

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